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This is why we learn to kitesurf – Boost Big !

why we learn to kitesurf

This is surely why we all decided to learn to kitesurf big air, it is what keeps us coming back for more and more. Weather we are climbing into our wetsuits in the deepest darkest depths of the European winter or chilling in a tropical beach in boardshorts. Every kiteboarder ...

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Ultimate kitesurfing race !!

Kitesurfing race

Take a look at this completely insane kitesurfing race in France, complete carnage. 30 knots and just one start line! This looks like an incredible race to be a part of even if you have no chance of winning. Reminds us very much of when we entered the Downwind Dash ...

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The road down under- Cabrinha Kiteboarding

Kitesurfing shop

The new video from Cabrinha showing of there latest release, we have tested this kite out here in Boracay and have to say it’s a super nice piece of kit. We also super stoked to see a couple of the UK kitesurf crew representing in this promo video. Some insane ...

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Jeremie Tronet Kite Foiling

Kitesurfing lessons

The budget option didn’t work to well, however it looks like fun if the boards were not so insanely priced we would love to have a blast. Here is what he has to say about it “Just over a month ago, I was lucky enough to get one of the ...

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Kitesurf World Cup 2015

Kitesurf wave

Igualada (Barcelona) was showing his best during the first stop of the Virgin Kitesurf World Cup 2015 here in Dakhla, Morocco. Coming from a small city in the middle of Catalonia, with his nearest spot 2 hours from his home and without the best conditions to train every day, he ...

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