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kitesurfing lessons Cumbuco and Brazil

kitesurfing lessons Cumbuco  and Brazil / Trips / Accommodation

In Brazil we are located in the now world famous fishing village of Cumbuco, which consistently has become known for pushing the limits in everything this sport has to offer. So if you fancy riding with the best in the world on their home stomping ground look no further. Here we offer kitesurfing lessons from beginner courses, pro-camps right the way through to 300km downwinders taking in every flat water lagoon the state has to offer. This is kite heaven with some of the smoothest most consistent winds on the planet, your only constraints here will be your budget as kiteboarding wise this place has it all.

Check out our Brazilian coaches out here in action on the Asian kite tour :

Kitesurfing Brazil

Kitesurfing Brazil

All our kitesurfing lessons Cumbuco and Brazil will be run or overseen by Dave a friend and member of the Airforce crew since the beginning, so we are 100% assured of quality here in Cumbuco. As a national team Cabrinha rider you will be taught on the latest equipment they have to offer. We run courses for every level from complete beginner right the way through to the highest level pro tricks, we are available for lessons whenever there is wind which is usually every day from June through to February.


We have the latest Cabrinha gear available for rental here. However be advised new gear and spares can be difficult and expensive to come by. However in our online shop we offer VIP coupons for loyal and valued customers, so don’t hesitate to contact us regarding this program.



Fly to Fortaleza, from there we can take care of things


Collection at Fortaleza Airport and transport to Cumbuco with Kite Equipment.
Price:– 100 Real for 1 or 2 people.
*           200 Real for 3 or 4 people.

  • Kitesurf Lessons
  • Accommodation
  • Kite Surfaris
  • Wind/Season
kitesurfing lessons Cumbuco and Brazil

Group Lesson’s = 80 Real per hour

Kiteboarder Level l = 4 hours 320 Real per person (approx $105)
Kiteboarder Level 2= 4 hours 320 Real per person (approx $105)
Kiteboarder Level 3= 4 hours 320 Real per person (approx $105)

One to One Lesson’s = 120 Real per hour

Kiteboarder Level 1= 4 hours 480 Real per person (approx $155)
Kiteboarder Level 2= 4 hours 480 Real per person (approx $155)
Kiteboarder Level 3= 4 hours 480 Real per person (approx $155)

Advanced Riding = 240 Real for 2 hour course. (approx $80)

Buggy Assistance = 350 Real per Day for trips to the lagoon. (approx $110)

Kitesurfing Accommodation Cumbuco and Brazil

The accommodation we recommend and can book for you in Cumbuco is a restaurant and pousada called 0031 ran by a wonderful welcoming couple called Roel and Janneke. They are the Tripadviser 2012 and 2013 WINNER Certificate of Excellence. It is a boutique hotel that lies at a stone throw’s distance from the magnificent, untouched, beach and from the centre of Cumbuco. It is uniquely situated in the sand dunes and borders on a nature reserve. The rates are 195 real (approx $65) per night for a 2 person appartment.kiteboarding accomodation cumbuco

Kite Safaris from Cumbuco Brazil

We have 2 different options available for our Brazilian kite-surfari’s a luxury and a budget version, both trips will include food and accommodation. The luxury version will include a slightly higher level of accommodation. During your trip we will travel upto 350 km north depending on the duration you select and the pace you wish. You can expect to take in some experiences of a life time kiting in private lagoons and hitting the best wave sections down the coast all the way receiving tips and tuition from your instructor if you wish. This really is the ultimate kite trip of a lifetime. Don’t allow yourself to miss out on this one while in Brazil


Amount of People Cost per Person

*              7 days       10 days

2 people $1230     $1750

3 people $1000     $1450


Amount of people Cost per person

*               7 days     10 days

2 people  $785       $1150

3 people  $650       $930

Kitesurfing Wind Season Cumbuco Brazil

One thing Brazil is famous for is it’s super consistent gust free winds. So from June through to February expect perfect 7/10m weather, depending on your weight. If you are traveling early or late season there may be the odd day you will need a larger kite.

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