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Kitesurfing lessons Boracay and the Philippines

Kitesurfing lessons Boracay and the Philippines  

We offer everything kitesurf related here in the Philippines from beginner courses, Pro camps to ultimate kite-safaris. We are based on Boracay Island and Union Beach, as this is the most convenient to live and access all the 7107 Islands the Republic has to offer. Boracay is the perfect place for those of you who are traveling with families or non kiting partners. This tropical paradise has everything to offer from arguably some of the finest white sand beaches in the world, fine dining to every conceivable tourist activity you would expect from any major world wide tourist Mecca. However we understand and would advise against those looking for solitude and complete getaways from the stress of the day to day grind, and are just looking to EAT, SLEEP, KITE! So we also offer wave camps in the remote North of the country, a perfect reef break with strong winds that has been likened to the Hawaii of Asia, very remote beautiful place, truly be in touch with nature watch the sunset while enjoying the catch of the day. For those looking for flat water, kite wave and surfing we also run trips in the South, a world class surf town with some amazing undiscovered kiteboarding.
Check out how much fun the Stance crew had when they visited the Philippines :



Kitesurfing Philippines

Kitesurfing Philippines

We run kitesurfing lessons at all locations in the Philippines, from complete beginner right through to pro-camps. Rest assured you will receive the same quality of tuition you have become accustomed to at Airforce over the years, as all our Philippine based operations are either run or overseen by co-founder Mel, who is currently based there .


North, Cabrinha, F-one and Slingshot. This equipment is all readily available either for rental or purchase in the Philippines at very attractive costs don’t hesitate to get in touch for further details and price quotations.


Fly to Manila or Bangkok then check Cebu Pacific to Caticlan or Kalibo….with Cebu Pacific make sure you click the sports equipment excess…

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Kitesurfing lessons Boracay & Philippines

Full beginner course is 9 hours if you are alone 12 hours in a group and the cost is 19,000 php (approx $430). The duration of this course is usually 2 or 3 days, by the end of this course we aim to have you riding the board.

Advanced courses are aimed at the intermediate kite surfer who is looking to improve their technique, whether it be riding consistently up wind and perfecting your transitions or landing your first jumps and tricks. The cost is 11,200 php (approx $250) with our equipment or 6,800 php (approx $155) with your own equipment. The duration of this course is 5 hours if alone or 7 hours in a group.

Private tuition for personalized 1 to 1 tuition this is the option for you and costs 2,240 php (approx $50).
Pro-camps are run at different times and are price on application basis. These courses are for advanced riders only. We run various wave or freestyle camps and availability and price depends on the riders please contact us to reserve or for further information.

Kitesurfing Accommodation Boracay

Is a mixed bag there is something for everyone’s budget from approx $15 per night for basic fan room shared bathroom,approx $30 per night for fan/air-con with private bathroom, through to highest luxury 5* accommodation.N.b prices will change through mid season,high season and super high season.

Night Life:

Boracay is always a party can be compared to a Asian Ibiza, the locals really know how to drink dance party and have fun…Remember there will be wind in the morning though if you want to kite watch the rum and cokes,its easy to get carried away. For those who don’t want to party there is an abundance of restaurants at all budgets with all types of food, and the kitesurfing side of the island is generally quieter.

Kitesurfing Safaris Philippines


Our budget kite-surfari comes in at around $250 (depending on the exchange rate):

This surfari is probably the best money you will ever spend in kitesurfing.You will visit and camp at Seco Island,a true Robinson Crusoe experience build your camp and kite in butter flat water till you hearts content. You will travel by traditional Filippino Jeppney, Banka boat and even stop in and check out a local market on route. All food is inclusive and will be grilled on the island by our chef. The trip lasts for 3 days with 2 days kiting in this idyllic setting.

Our luxury kite-surfari comes in at around $650 (depending on the exchange rate):

You will travel via a luxury 44 foot live aboard catamaran fully equipped with the latest modern conveniences. The trip is full board and all meals will be prepared at your convenience on the boat. Duration is 4 days with 3 full days kiting as we are able to sail while you sleep after tacking in the amazing sunsets. Treat yourself to the trip of a lifetime !!!

Day trip downwinders Boracay:

These trips are run solely from Boracay to Union Beach they are for advanced riders who at busy times are looking to escape the crowds. It is approximately a 30 minute downwinder to a super nice flat water empty lagoon followed by coaching and lunch duration is 3/4 hours and the price is $35.

Illocos Norte kitesurf Trips:

Airforce also runs specially tailor made packages to the unspoiled untouched North of the Philippines. Here you will stay in a stunning beach resort, at the wave spot that has been likened to the Hawaii of Asia. There is also a flat water lagoon you can visit and kitesurf amongst the windturbines. Super nice strong winds and every kiteable condition imaginable is available here. Although it wouldn’t be are first recommendation for beginners we do run full lessons there and there is a nice flat section for learning on the inside. This destination is for those who want to get away from it all and enjoy the solitude of nature. Taking in the sunsets while enjoying fresh catch of the day with some great company. Accommodation here comes in around $45-$70 for a beach hut depending on season to $225-$335 for a premier suite depending on season (with numerous options between).

Cloud 9 kitesurf trips:

This is currently the hottest new spot in the Philippines, not traditionally known for it’s kitesurfing but being one of the top surf spots on the planet. The wind may not be quite as consistent as in Boracay or the North however it turns out it’s pretty dam good and offers some of the best wave riding available anywhere in the world. There are also some super nice flat water completely uncrowded dream spots to take in during your stay. If there is no wind remember your are at cloud 9, take a surfboard and hit the waves !!!!! Accommodation in cloud 9 comes in at around $55 to $85 based on 2 sharing.

Oct-Apr with the windiest months being mid Nov through to mid Mar,some of the most consistent wind we seen outside Brazil and there season is in our deepest darkest depths of winter.Recomened kite sizes 75/80kg 8m & 12m if u want to kite every day or ave.9/10m weather most days.

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