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1 Of Our #3 Favorite Kiteboarding Comp’s 2015

Red Bull Kiteloop Challenge 2015

Here at Airforce our top #3 kiteboarding comp’s of the year are the Red Bull “King Of The Air”, Red Bull “kite Loop challenge and the Triple S. The Red Bull king Of The Air was completed in spring @ Big Bay, Cape Town, and what a show it was. ...

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Kiteboarding Pro Jumps 500 ft off Branson’s Island

Nick Jacobsen Jumps 500 ft off Branson’s Island

Nick Jacobsen up-to his usual crazy antics, this time the professional rider for Cabrinha kiteboarding decided to jump 500ft from the roof of Richard Bransons house in Neker Island down to the sea. His continual quest to push the boundaries in extreme kiteboarding is relentless. Nick is definately one of ...

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