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#Kitesurfing Lessons 101- Blame Yourself Not Your Gear

Kitesurfing Lessons

  #Kitesurfing Lessons 101 – Blame Yourself Not Your Gear Anybody who took there #kitesurfing lessons with a reputable instructor will have covered basic kite set up and obvious checking points for maintenance wear and tear from a safety point of view. However how many of you post your #kitesurfing ...

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Where did #Kiteboarding come from?


The History of #Kiteboarding:   I’m sure we can all agree that #kiteboarding is one bof the most dynamic and exhilarating sports on the planet. In fact, even people who have never had the pleasure of #kiteboarding themselves, are drawn to the sport and fascinated by the speed, insanely high ...

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New kiteboard now available – Shinn Bronq 2015

Shinn Bronq

                  New kiteboard now available in our online kitesurf store the Shinn Bronq 2015 here is the link for you to order the hottest kiteboard of 2015 so far:   But before you order first check out what they have to ...

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