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Kitesurf World Tour Round up Fuerteventura

Brazil kiteboarders dominate world cup

Kitesurf World Tour Round up Fuerteventura   Brazil Kiteboarders Dominate In The Kitesurf World Cup An early call was made for the rider’s meeting at 9:30am, as the forecast was looking optimistic for the day ahead, and there was a challenge to be able to complete both the freestyle and ...

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Kitesurf Championships – World Juniors update

Kitesurf Championships

The World Junior Kitesurf Championships is curreuntly happening in Spain. WOW! The future looks bright yesterday Anthar Racca – U17 boy from Mexico – just landed the first ever Double Half Cab Mobe in competition! The Airush Kiteboarding grom is really pushing things to a new level, the top pros ...

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Venezuela 2015 Kitesurf World Championships round up.

Venezuela Kitesurf World Championships

Last week was the Venezuela kitesurf world championship tour stop, we have compiled all the action in one convenient place so you can simply sit back and enjoy the action. The finals in both freestyle and big-air, the best wipe-out and of course we couldn’t leave out ladies day. This ...

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Ultimate kitesurfing race !!

Kitesurfing race

Take a look at this completely insane kitesurfing race in France, complete carnage. 30 knots and just one start line! This looks like an incredible race to be a part of even if you have no chance of winning. Reminds us very much of when we entered the Downwind Dash ...

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Kitesurf World Cup 2015

Kitesurf wave

Igualada (Barcelona) was showing his best during the first stop of the Virgin Kitesurf World Cup 2015 here in Dakhla, Morocco. Coming from a small city in the middle of Catalonia, with his nearest spot 2 hours from his home and without the best conditions to train every day, he ...

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Kitesurf wave prodigy (14 years old)

Kitesurfing talent

It is great to see the next generation pushing the limits, today we are following the journey of this kid (14 years old). He is the youngest competitor ever to qualify for the senior world championship kitesurf wave tour. By the looks of things we are excited to see a ...

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The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada

Kiteboarding competition

If you want to enter be quick! Richard Branson and the Virgin team are set to take part in another world record breaking attempt in The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada. 250 kitesurfers will need to successfully complete a one mile course from Hayling Island in the UK to break the Guinness ...

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