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World Kitesurf Tour Update

World Kitesurf Tour

              World Kitesurf Tour Update   Here is the latest announcement from ISAF following up on our previous article: Kitesurf World Tour – What Is Really Going On? http://www.airforcekitesurfing.com/2015/08/06/kitesurf-world-tour-what-is-really-going-on/   The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and the Pro Kite Tour (PKT) – formerly known ...

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Kitesurf World Tour Round up Fuerteventura

Brazil kiteboarders dominate world cup

Kitesurf World Tour Round up Fuerteventura   Brazil Kiteboarders Dominate In The Kitesurf World Cup An early call was made for the rider’s meeting at 9:30am, as the forecast was looking optimistic for the day ahead, and there was a challenge to be able to complete both the freestyle and ...

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Kitesurf World Tour – What Is Really Going On?

Kitesurf World Tour

What Is Really Going On With The Kitesurf World Tour ?   Well first off this week has seen some bizarre announcements from the IKA, ISAF and VKWC regarding the kitesurf world tour. However before we take a look at the politics and announcements lets first take in the action ...

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Airush Razor 2016

2016 AIRUSH – Due in stock August 10   The 2016 Airush Team Series Range introduces a completely fresh look along with extensive technical upgrades and innovations. For the first time, we present the range in collections, where each has their own visual identity while being aligned with key technologies. ...

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Cabrinha 2016 The Countdown Is On !!!!!

Cabrinha 2016

Cabrinha 2016 Kitesurfing equipment is coming !!!         The Cabrinha 2016 range will be released at 5.30pm GMT Sunday the second of August. Please get in touch to pre order your new kitesurf equipment via our online store. Above is a video and a sneak preview of ...

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Kitesurf Championships – World Juniors update

Kitesurf Championships

The World Junior Kitesurf Championships is curreuntly happening in Spain. WOW! The future looks bright yesterday Anthar Racca – U17 boy from Mexico – just landed the first ever Double Half Cab Mobe in competition! The Airush Kiteboarding grom is really pushing things to a new level, the top pros ...

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#Kitesurfing Lessons 101- Blame Yourself Not Your Gear

Kitesurfing Lessons

  #Kitesurfing Lessons 101 – Blame Yourself Not Your Gear Anybody who took there #kitesurfing lessons with a reputable instructor will have covered basic kite set up and obvious checking points for maintenance wear and tear from a safety point of view. However how many of you post your #kitesurfing ...

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Where did #Kiteboarding come from?


The History of #Kiteboarding:   I’m sure we can all agree that #kiteboarding is one bof the most dynamic and exhilarating sports on the planet. In fact, even people who have never had the pleasure of #kiteboarding themselves, are drawn to the sport and fascinated by the speed, insanely high ...

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New kiteboard now available – Shinn Bronq 2015

Shinn Bronq

                  New kiteboard now available in our online kitesurf store the Shinn Bronq 2015 here is the link for you to order the hottest kiteboard of 2015 so far: http://www.airforcekitesurfing.com/product/shinn-bronq-2015/   But before you order first check out what they have to ...

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Venezuela 2015 Kitesurf World Championships round up.

Venezuela Kitesurf World Championships

Last week was the Venezuela kitesurf world championship tour stop, we have compiled all the action in one convenient place so you can simply sit back and enjoy the action. The finals in both freestyle and big-air, the best wipe-out and of course we couldn’t leave out ladies day. This ...

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