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Venezuela 2015 Kitesurf World Championships round up.

Last week was the Venezuela kitesurf world championship tour stop, we have compiled all the action in one convenient place so you can simply sit back and enjoy the action. The finals in both freestyle and big-air, the best wipe-out and of course we couldn’t leave out ladies day.

This is the first season Virgin have taken over the kitesurf world champs, the hype was through the roof. To be honest though we are totally impressed with the new formats, they have really added to the excitement coverage and exposure has been excellent. We are also super amped to see Big-Air back in the line up, kiters and general public love to see people going massive its a fact. Those of us who are active in the kitesurf world totally get, understand and appreciate the technical difficulty of the freestyle events. However massive kudos to the inclusion of new disciplines we totally believe the non active members of the kitesurf world are much more interested in seeing these aspects of the sport. It looks like Branson and his crew are doing a stellar job of increasing the whole exposure of kiteboarding in general, which can only bring positive outcomes to our community as a whole.


So sit back and enjoy the action from the second installment of the 2015 kitesurf world championships

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