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Kitesurf Championships – World Juniors update

Kitesurf Championships

The World Junior Kitesurf Championships is curreuntly happening in Spain. WOW! The future looks bright yesterday Anthar Racca – U17 boy from Mexico – just landed the first ever Double Half Cab Mobe in competition! The Airush Kiteboarding grom is really pushing things to a new level, the top pros ...

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#Kitesurfing Lessons 101- Blame Yourself Not Your Gear

Kitesurfing Lessons

  #Kitesurfing Lessons 101 – Blame Yourself Not Your Gear Anybody who took there #kitesurfing lessons with a reputable instructor will have covered basic kite set up and obvious checking points for maintenance wear and tear from a safety point of view. However how many of you post your #kitesurfing ...

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Where did #Kiteboarding come from?


The History of #Kiteboarding:   I’m sure we can all agree that #kiteboarding is one bof the most dynamic and exhilarating sports on the planet. In fact, even people who have never had the pleasure of #kiteboarding themselves, are drawn to the sport and fascinated by the speed, insanely high ...

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